Elegant & Sexy doesn't have to be complicated.

Simple 3 Step Process:  Consult.  Contract.  Create.

Step 1:  Consult.

We couldn't be more excited that you've decided to rock a custom piece and do you boo! 

Our creative process is not complicated so in three simple steps, we will get you ready for the selfies and the red carpet.


Step 1 happens 2-4 weeks before your big day.  Let's take what's hot and customize it to your body type and style preferences. 


If you like, you can come to the studio and flip through our look book while you touch and feel the fabrics.


Thin or curvaceous? Branded by TLL creates designs for everybody and every body!  We love you all just the same.  Use the size chart below to get measurements for the perfect fit. 

Step 2:  Contract.

We truly believe elegant and sexy doesn't have to be complicated.  We are all human and we all know that relationships should be grounded in open and honest communication and feedback. 


The document below is our attempt to create an upfront agreement to set expectations to make working with us as easy and simple as possible.

Step 3:  Create.

The Creative Process

Yes, our customer service is insane but this is where we rock!

-We are in constant communication with you while your garment is being created.

-We are just as excited as you are so we let you know when your fabric is in and when it's time for your fitting.

-We send sneak peeks!  

You are included in every step of the process to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

All we ask is that you give yourself as much time as possible by planning in advance and we will take it from there!  Go ahead and click the button below to schedule a consultation and let's get started.